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Chlorophyll Effect November 13, 2009

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Chlorophyll Effect



The effects of chlorophyll are beneficial to the human body. Research studies reflect a positive health benefit from the regular use of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll in plants is similar to human blood. The primary difference is the core of each. Chlorophyll contains magnesium and hemoglobin contains iron. Both are the creator of energy and life.


Chlorophyll is the green color in plants, the molecule responsible for photosynthesis. Chlorophyll is rich in nutrients like magnesium, iron, copper, Vitamin A, protein, potassium, sodium, Vitamin E, calcium, lithium, phosphorus, zinc, B-complex vitamins, molybdenum and selenium.


Research studies show that chlorophyll effects include blood regeneration, reversing the signs of aging, the reversal of anemia, decrease in colon cancer risk, and other forms of cancer can be adversely affected by the use of chlorophyll. There have been no reports of adverse side effects from the use of chlorophyll.


Chlorophyll can be obtained by juicing or eating wheat, barley, oat grasses and alfalfa. You can purchase chlorophyll in liquid, pill, powder and capsule form. Any one of these forms seems to be as effective as the other.


Research studies demonstrate that the use of a synthetic of chlorophyll, chlorophyllin and chlorophyll are able to bind with carcinogenic compounds. When bound to these carcinogens, chlorophyll and chlorophyllin may keep them from being absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract.

Further Information

Research continues with chlorophyll and chlorophyllin as a prevention and intervention against liver cancer, specifically aflatoxin-associated liver cancer. Aflatoxin-B1 (AFB1) can be found in moldy grains and legumes, in conjunction with Hepatitis B liver cancer may occur. This type of cancer can be found more often in countries, such as Asia and Africa. For more information the link for Linus Pauling Institute is in the Resources section below.




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